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The Routledge Clan Society was founded on the 5th May 2012 at the Tower Mill in Hawick on the same day which our first ever gathering took place. The main driving force behind the founding of the Society was that far too often people tell me that the surname Routledge, Rutledge and so on, is an English name which spread into Scotland in Small pockets.

This, as you can read on Our Scottish History page is not the case and is in fact quite the opposite. We began in Scotland with the earliest record being found in the middle of the 1300’s and did not spread till England till the dawn of the 1500’s.

So what does all this have to do with the founding of a society? Well it is quite simple, one man telling the world that History is wrong and that we are indeed Scottish is easily ignored. But there more there is of us, the louder our voice and the harder it is to ignore! Various duties were carried out on the first AGM, such as appointing a Chairman, Secretary and treasurer, but we also made two more key decisions. Firstly that we shall officially adopt the Rutledge Tartan created by the late Richard Armstrong Rutledge as the Clan Societies official Tartan, and also that when our Society numbers reach nearly 100 members then we shall vote on appointing a Clan Guardian. The reason for this is that we have no Clan Chief, but we can at least self-appoint an acting Chief.

So what can joining the Society offer to you that a Facebook group cannot? Well besides two newsletter published around April and October time (to which members are encouraged to contribute), basic Census searches can also be carried out on your behalf and you will have full access to the Routledge Archives (Coming Soon). Clan gatherings and AGM functions will also be subsidised to all members, and any sale prices or discounts of Society Merchandise will be eligible to Clan Society Members only.

On the whole though this Society is here to pull together Routledges, Rutledges and all variants of the name from around the world under the umbrella of a Scottish Family, while helping you understand our heritage, your individual heritage and aiding where we can with your own genealogical research.


Best Wishes.



The louder our voice, the harder it is for History to ignore us!

Routledge Society Structure

Chairman: Tom Routledge

Secretary: Angela Scott

Treasurer: Donna-Louise Routledge

Webmaster: Tom Routledge

Archivist: Tom Routledge

Archivist: (Vacant)

PR Officer (Vacant)




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